ACC output levels

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ACC output levels

Postby goodweather » Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:01 pm

question on the ACC output levels...
I'm in factory preset performance A00 Bass plus Strings. My ACC is connected by jack cables to a channel of my Xenyx X1622USB.
ACC volume is default at 50.
When I'm playing the right part of the keyboard (strings), I get a nice sound with let's say my meter lighting at -20 -30
When I'm playing the left part of the keyboard (bass); just pressing a key, I get a sound which is not much louder to my ears (please notice this) BUT with my meter lighting at 0 +2 and my channel sometimes showing clipping.
Very noticeable when pressing A1 key (default performance setting Oct down at -1).

Seems that it is the bass level that makes the signal louder somehow internally but not actually liuder to my ears...

Do you have the same?
Some explanation?
Something to adapt?

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