My first SLC

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My first SLC

Postby oldgearguy » Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:08 pm

After receiving a lot of help (from user rbhall7ice and Joerg) and some trial and error (USB cables are not perfect, underscores are bad), I was finally able to create an SLC WITH categorized samples AND send it to the Spectralis AND and have the Spectralis recognize the raw data AND be able to use it to create a new drum sound.

Attached is my little SLC. A kick (and variation) and snare (with 2 variations). I bought an Oberheim DMX years ago with these sounds loaded in it. Anyone with a vague memory of the Art of Noise will smile when you hear these.

I have a bunch of DMX, Linn, CR78, MiniPops, etc stuff that I'll eventually be converting over to see how they sound coming out of the Spectralis, but for now, here's this small bit of fun.
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